7 destinations that will pay you to visit once the pandemic is over

7 Destinations That Will Pay You to Visit Once the Pandemic Is Over

The outbreak of coronavirus has affected so many countries both financially and economically.

Most of these countries are now counting losses after the foreign travel dropped at an extremely high percentage.
At the same time, the popular destinations across the world are also struggling a lot after the coronavirus pandemic hit them so hard.
However, there is still hope as some countries are beginning to take responsibility by reopening the tourism sector and encouraging the local and foreign tourists to visit once the pandemic is over.
Those that have already reopened are paying people to visit and offering free travel costs to the citizens to boost their tourism industry.
Are you ready to hit the road?
That said, here are some of the seven destinations that will pay you to visit once the pandemic is over;

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Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

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The United State’s capital of Las Vegas is starting to reopen after the recent closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Derek, who is the owner of the Golden Gate and D Las Vegas is giving out 1,000 free flights to anyone who intends to visit it.

In his recent announcement, Derek’s objective of giving away free flights is to attract more tourists. He also intends to maintain the reputation of Las Vegas and remind everyone of the casinos, big hotels, nightlife, and other interesting places in the city. Before heading on the trip, make sure you have all the essential roof rack accessories installed. It would help you carry all the essentials atop the roof easily.

Sicily (Italy)

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The amazing Sicily island of Italy is paying 50% of the flight cost to every tourist visiting. It’s also giving tourists free accommodation on their first night in the place. The Sicily museums, on the other hand, plan to begin giving free entry to every tourist.
A few months ago, the tourism sector was highly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and tourists had to keep off the place. However, Sicily’s comeback plan will certainly bring back more tourists.
Sicily is one attractive place that everyone would love to spend their holiday. Thanks to their offer as you can now freely visit the museums and other beautiful sites. Furthermore, they’re paying you to spend time there.


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Japan is another country that lost many tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, they are taking actions to ensure that they restore and boost the tourism industry by encouraging tourists to visit.
Last month, the country announced that it would cover travel costs, especially for domestic tourists. It is meant to encourage local people to travel to different archaeological sites or go to hotels.

Cancun (Mexico)

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According to the recent reports from the local media, Cancun is creating a comeback way of bringing back tourists into the country. Cancun hotel is now promoting its campaign of ‘two for one’ visit. It’s also offering free accommodations for the first two nights you spend in the hotel.
Furthermore, the Cancun hotel reimburses flight ticket expenses to encourage each tourist to come with a partner.
Traveling to Cancun hotel is something you can never regret. The white beaches and the blue ocean are some of the amazing things you can find here. There are also some adventurous activities you can explore, such as scuba diving and taking walks in the jungles.


7 destinations that will pay you to visit once the pandemic is over
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Nothing is more interesting than just sitting out on a beautiful beach, enjoying the cool breeze as you take a sip of the sweet cocktail. Well, Bulgaria is one of the best places you can experience such great moments.
The good thing about Bulgaria is that you can visit a tourist attraction site without making any payment. This means that you can spend your holiday on the beautiful beaches, sun lounges, and under the umbrellas for free.
Such a great move is to purposely encourage the local and international tourists to visit hotels and archeological sites for free.


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Unlike all the other destinations, Cyprus is offering free deals and medications to the visitors who test positive for Covid-19 while in the country.
They will also cover all the travel costs, accommodation, and other expenses for the victims and their travel partners. It is a good move by the nation since it will encourage more visitors.
One reason you should travel to Cyprus is its adventurous sites such as the coastlines of the Mediterranean, historical and ancient churches, and the coastal resorts.

United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is another nation that is giving attractive promotions and discounts to encourage domestic tourism once the pandemic is over. Although it’s just a local offer, the citizens can go on vacations at a cheaper cost.
This move by the UK nation aims to promote the local tourism industry before they can focus on foreign tourists.
Apart from the vacations, the citizens can also explore the Scottish countryside, visit Big Ben, and many other amazing places.

In Conclusion

There are many beautiful destinations that you can visit once the pandemic is over. All the above destinations are planning to open their doors to allow both domestic and foreign travel with attractive promotions and discounts. Before these destinations are officially open, you can as well visit the local sites since they also have attractive offers. However, you should always conduct prior research before visiting any place to ensure that you remain safe from the coronavirus.