Let’s go on a Road Trip


lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

An exciting alternative to regular travel, road trip can easily become the adventure of a lifetime. Also, traveling long distances together and determining your own itinerary is an ideal chance for some bonding between fellow travelers, especially when it comes to family road trips. However, that perfect road trip can go wrong if things are not planned properly. Having a plan is of the essential importance when it comes to road trips, because here you do not have travel agencies, plane departures or bus itineraries to determine the course of your travel, here you have to do everything by yourself. It is no reason to be worried, though. Here are some secrets of successful planning which will help you have the time of your life on the road.

Where to Go and Where to Stop?

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

A good itinerary is everything. It will determine the length of your travel, the items you will pack and the quality of your vacation. It is crucial for all the travel buddies to agree on the route, so organize a vote or talk it through with them. Determine in advance stops at roadside attractions and do your research about them so you could share your knowledge with your road trip buddies.

What to Pack?

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

You have to be wise with packing and find the middle ground between packing enough and packing too much. First, think of the clothing. See the weather reports for the following days and weeks, and pack the clothing accordingly, but always bring something extra. The kids will, for instance, need some clothes that will allow them to play freely without the fear of getting dirty or stained. You can find a lot of cheap shorts online, which can be used for those purposes. Since you will be spending a lot of hours in the vehicle, you should pack comfortable cotton clothes and light sneakers and flip flops. Some of the items you must not forget are sunglasses, blankets, bottled water, prepared food, snacks, toys for the kids, etc. Pack some entertainment options like audio books, tablets with movies, fun playlist, etc. One of the most important items to pack is a camera which will help you capture all the amazing moments of your adventure. First aid kit, medications, bandages, etc. go without a saying.

Are You Truly Ready?

Just think about it for a second, you will travel across the country for days or weeks, depending on your route, are you ready to leave the house and hometown for so long? You have to leave all of your affairs in order. If you have a pet, ask friends to “adopt” it during that period, ask the neighbor to water your plants and to mow your lawn, etc. Another crucial thing to look after is your vehicle. Is it safe enough for traveling long distances? Make sure you have got all the preventive maintenance checked, and that you have the needed tools and spare tire in the trunk for any unpredictable situations. As for you and your family, you should all do your medical checkups before you start your engines.

As a famous businessman Alan Lakein once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, so make sure you got everything figured out before you start your road trip. Your adventure will be much better if you have done all the hard work and brainstorming before it started.

Good luck.

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