Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique, Africa


Mozambique, Africa, the Birthplace of Humankind, is certainly the most magnificent continent to explore.

Although all of Africa is astonishing and magical, tourists often decide to visit South Africa by default, while ignoring some of its most staggering countries. For travelers who know how to appreciate the undiscovered beaches and amazing underwater life, Mozambique is the perfect place to start discovering this continent and its particularities, and arguably take the best travel photos in their life. Here are some been-there-done-that tips for exploring Mozambique.

Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Travel in Pairs and Travel Light

First things first. Take a friend with you or, even better, a soul mate. That way you will have someone to share all of the amazing things you will see during your adventure. Also, it is much easier to navigate when in pair. Sometimes, finding a bus, a hotel or simply a good restaurant can be significantly harder if all those tasks rest on your shoulders alone. Second, do not carry much baggage with you. It will only make traveling that more complicated, especially because you will never be at one place for long time. Pack just the necessary items, such as clothes, personal hygiene items and, the most important thing – camera (or a smartphone if it takes good pictures).Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Have a Plan Not to Have a Plan

Sure, you have to plan some basic things in advance, like the places you want to go to, but there is nothing wrong in deviating from the planned path to discover something new and beautiful. When in the magical Mozambique, however, there are three destinations you must visit: Maputo, Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago. All of these locations are photo-worthy; Maputo with its amazing colonial architecture and crowded markets, the breathtaking escapist dream of Bazaruto Archipelago and the charming and untouched nature of Quirimbas Archipelago. Take whatever you can get out of this experience and try surfing, snorkeling, diving and don’t forget to observe Nile crocodiles. Make sure you visit São Sebastião Peninsula, near Bazaruto Archipelago, to see its unreal lagoons and lakes.

Make It Memorable

Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Though such a fascinating trip will certainly remain in your heart and mind forever, you will want to make that memory even more present by taking a lot of photos and writing a journal. Mozambique is rich with scenic sites worth of admiring, and you can, with the most basic photography skills create stunning pictures that will need no post-processing in order to showcase the beauty of this country. Just make sure that, before you go, you master those basic skills of travel photography, which will, in turn, make your travel memories even more appealing. If you are traveling with your soul mate, you will have the most romantic background for the best love pictures ever. Take, for example, Quirimbas Archipelago and the sunset on the beautiful sandy beaches or the serenity of a traditional Dhow boat swaying on the waves of emerald and blue waters. Writing a journal may sound so-last-century, but believe me, you will experience a whole spectrum of emotions and meat a lot of great people in Mozambique, and you will want to memorize them in their purest form, in the very moment when they happened.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags right away and discover the magic of Mozambique. It truly is one of the most beautiful countries of the continent and perhaps even the world. By leaving it out of your travel bucket list, you are depriving yourself of what could be the greatest adventure of your life. Surely you do not want that. Once there, be sure to snap a lot of pictures and create amazing memories, because Mozambique will become a part of your heart, forever.

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