5 Reasons Costa Rica is a Retirement Hotspot

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot
It is time for a new chapter of your life. You worked hard your entire life, and you want to go on a well-deserved vacation? It’s never too late to make the next step, so pack your bags, and hit the road. Retiring abroad is easier and more affordable than ever. But with too many offers, it’s hard to choose the right one. If you need the place with low cost, pure nature and adequate health care, then Costa Rica is the right choice for you.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot
Every year, a number, of retirees who are choosing Costa Rica as their retirement destination, is increasing, which is not a surprise. This country can offer you a quality lifestyle, delicious food, generous and friendly people, fantastic climate, most affordable real-estates and low cost but high-quality health care. Besides all of those benefits, according to the LA test research in 2016, Costa Rica holds the title of the happiest country in the world. In the heart of the Central America, the natural environment, landscapes and warm climate, make Costa Rica a real tropical paradise destination.

Accommodations and health care

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot
In Costa Rica you can choose between different types of accommodation. Living on a beach can be a dream come true. However, if you prefer slightly lower temperatures, you can find a house in the mountains surrounded by fresh air.
By searching through the real-estate markets, you can find a cheap house for sale, or you can rent one for a specific period of time. The advantage is that the foreigners have the same property rights as the local residents. It’s also easy to qualify for residence as a retiree with the pension program. All you need is $1.000 per month from Social Security, or pension. The main benefit of the program, is that it gives you the access to the government health care system known as Caja. Besides that, the costs of remedies are cheaper and more affordable than in other countries. Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems from all of the Latin America countries, which are well equipped and have high-quality working staff. There are many areas where you live for $1.500, or even less per month, including housing and medical costs.

Lifestyle and advantages

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot
There are many places and areas in Costa Rica, that can provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. For example, San Ramon is one of the top places in the world to retire to. There are not many tourists in this area and the prices are affordable. The Valley of San Ramon, surrounds the capital city – San Jose – providing you with a quick access to the main central stations, shopping centers and medical care. You can be on the beach in less than an hour. The city has farmer markets where you can buy fresh, organic products, which are healthy and cheap. Cars are very expensive, and so are the fuel and gasoline, but there are cabs and public transports, which can easily take you anywhere you need to go. In Costa Rica everything is 30% cheaper than in the USA, and if you’re a foreign citizen, you’ll be tax free on your retirement income. Also, it’s a big plus that almost everybody speaks (and understands) English, which allows you to communicate with locals without any problems.

Spending time in Costa Rica

Costa Rica a retirement hotspot
Citizens of Costa Rica are very casual, and according to them, there’s no need to rush. You’ll have plenty of time to do whatever you want, or even try something that you always wanted to do.
If you are a nature oriented person, you can take tours across the whole country to see the beautiful sights, or get to know the culture and history of Costa Rica. You can spend your days relaxing on a Caribbean beach, reading a book, and simply enjoy yourself. Beautiful beaches are the best place for your favorite activities.

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Let’s go on a Road Trip

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

An exciting alternative to regular travel, road trip can easily become the adventure of a lifetime. Also, traveling long distances together and determining your own itinerary is an ideal chance for some bonding between fellow travelers, especially when it comes to family road trips. However, that perfect road trip can go wrong if things are not planned properly. Having a plan is of the essential importance when it comes to road trips, because here you do not have travel agencies, plane departures or bus itineraries to determine the course of your travel, here you have to do everything by yourself. It is no reason to be worried, though. Here are some secrets of successful planning which will help you have the time of your life on the road.

Where to Go and Where to Stop?

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

A good itinerary is everything. It will determine the length of your travel, the items you will pack and the quality of your vacation. It is crucial for all the travel buddies to agree on the route, so organize a vote or talk it through with them. Determine in advance stops at roadside attractions and do your research about them so you could share your knowledge with your road trip buddies.

What to Pack?

lets go on a road trip - your guide to road trips

You have to be wise with packing and find the middle ground between packing enough and packing too much. First, think of the clothing. See the weather reports for the following days and weeks, and pack the clothing accordingly, but always bring something extra. The kids will, for instance, need some clothes that will allow them to play freely without the fear of getting dirty or stained. You can find a lot of cheap shorts online, which can be used for those purposes. Since you will be spending a lot of hours in the vehicle, you should pack comfortable cotton clothes and light sneakers and flip flops. Some of the items you must not forget are sunglasses, blankets, bottled water, prepared food, snacks, toys for the kids, etc. Pack some entertainment options like audio books, tablets with movies, fun playlist, etc. One of the most important items to pack is a camera which will help you capture all the amazing moments of your adventure. First aid kit, medications, bandages, etc. go without a saying.

Are You Truly Ready?

Just think about it for a second, you will travel across the country for days or weeks, depending on your route, are you ready to leave the house and hometown for so long? You have to leave all of your affairs in order. If you have a pet, ask friends to “adopt” it during that period, ask the neighbor to water your plants and to mow your lawn, etc. Another crucial thing to look after is your vehicle. Is it safe enough for traveling long distances? Make sure you have got all the preventive maintenance checked, and that you have the needed tools and spare tire in the trunk for any unpredictable situations. As for you and your family, you should all do your medical checkups before you start your engines.

As a famous businessman Alan Lakein once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, so make sure you got everything figured out before you start your road trip. Your adventure will be much better if you have done all the hard work and brainstorming before it started.

Good luck.

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Biking through Amsterdam: What You Need to Know

Biking through Amsterdam The Need to Know

Biking through Amsterdam The Need to Know

When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch do – and by that I do not mean just splitting the bill or throwing down a glass of whiskey before approaching a girl at the bar. First-time Amsterdam visitors quickly realize that bike is the easiest and the cheapest way to navigate the local streets. In addition to speed and affordability, biking though Amsterdam is extremely enjoyable as well. If you are planning to visit the Dutch capital any time soon, check out the tips listed below and prepare ahead of the trip properly.

1. Sightseeing your wallet’s way

Sightseeing Amsterdam on a bike allows you to customize the tour and spend as much time as you want exploring different parts of the city and landmark monuments. Bike rentals in Amsterdam are highly affordable compared to other European capitals, and average day rates total as few as EUR 8. Discounts are also available for multi-day rentals, so you can get a bike for as few as EUR 4 a day. If you intend to stay in Amsterdam longer than a week, however, getting a second-hand cycle may be a more cost-efficient option.

2. The essential getup and gear

When on a bike, you should wear comfortable getup, such as sneakers, T-shirt or sweatshirt and tracksuit. According to Ryder Wear, tight-fitting sports apparel is the best clothing for cyclists as it minimizes air resistance during the ride without limiting range of motion. As for rider safety, Amsterdam is very safe, so you will need minimal or no safety gear. Helmets are not a mandatory piece of equipment here – in fact, the Dutch never wear them because traffic is slow and cycling paths are separated from car lanes.

3. Do not multitask as you pedal

Odds are you will see some of the local cyclists pedaling hands-free while eating or browsing through their phones. However experienced a biker you may be, do not copy Dutch cyclists’ no-hands routines: after all, you are in an unfamiliar environment and you should always put safety first. Even with slow Amsterdam traffic, you never know if a child may dash out into the cycling lane – it is up to you to prevent such accidents.

Biking through Amsterdam The Need to Know

4. Keep your bike under lock and key

Most bike rentals in Amsterdam offer insurance and provide a safety chain with a key along with the bike. It would be a good idea to get bike insurance as thefts happen even in the friendliest of neighborhoods. Likewise, you should always lock your bike when you are not using it, or else someone may pedal off on your rented two-wheeled steed when you are not watching.

5. Watch out for tram rails

Amsterdam streets are crisscrossed with tram rails, so keep your eyes on the road unless you really want to get a few bum sores or fall off the cycle in full sight of complete strangers. When crossing the rails, aim for a sharp angle – many of the rails are exactly as wide as a bike tire, and getting stuck in front of an oncoming tram is fun only in cartoons.

Biking through Amsterdam The Need to Know4

6. When in two minds, get out of the way

The easiest way to blow Dutch temper is to stop your bike in the middle of the cycling lane and whip out your map. Many Amsterdam citizens commute on bikes, and blocking cycle traffic may cause a fellow rider to be late for work. If you are not sure how to get to your destination, get off the bike, get out of the lane and ask pedestrians for directions.

Amsterdam the bicycle capital of the world for a good reason: one of the most bike-friendly cities on Earth, the Dutch capital is a true paradise for avid cyclists driven by wanderlust and love of adventure on the wheels. Bon voyage!

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Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique, Africa

Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Mozambique, Africa, the Birthplace of Humankind, is certainly the most magnificent continent to explore.

Although all of Africa is astonishing and magical, tourists often decide to visit South Africa by default, while ignoring some of its most staggering countries. For travelers who know how to appreciate the undiscovered beaches and amazing underwater life, Mozambique is the perfect place to start discovering this continent and its particularities, and arguably take the best travel photos in their life. Here are some been-there-done-that tips for exploring Mozambique.

Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Travel in Pairs and Travel Light

First things first. Take a friend with you or, even better, a soul mate. That way you will have someone to share all of the amazing things you will see during your adventure. Also, it is much easier to navigate when in pair. Sometimes, finding a bus, a hotel or simply a good restaurant can be significantly harder if all those tasks rest on your shoulders alone. Second, do not carry much baggage with you. It will only make traveling that more complicated, especially because you will never be at one place for long time. Pack just the necessary items, such as clothes, personal hygiene items and, the most important thing – camera (or a smartphone if it takes good pictures).Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Have a Plan Not to Have a Plan

Sure, you have to plan some basic things in advance, like the places you want to go to, but there is nothing wrong in deviating from the planned path to discover something new and beautiful. When in the magical Mozambique, however, there are three destinations you must visit: Maputo, Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago. All of these locations are photo-worthy; Maputo with its amazing colonial architecture and crowded markets, the breathtaking escapist dream of Bazaruto Archipelago and the charming and untouched nature of Quirimbas Archipelago. Take whatever you can get out of this experience and try surfing, snorkeling, diving and don’t forget to observe Nile crocodiles. Make sure you visit São Sebastião Peninsula, near Bazaruto Archipelago, to see its unreal lagoons and lakes.

Make It Memorable

Exploring the Picture-Perfect Mozambique

Though such a fascinating trip will certainly remain in your heart and mind forever, you will want to make that memory even more present by taking a lot of photos and writing a journal. Mozambique is rich with scenic sites worth of admiring, and you can, with the most basic photography skills create stunning pictures that will need no post-processing in order to showcase the beauty of this country. Just make sure that, before you go, you master those basic skills of travel photography, which will, in turn, make your travel memories even more appealing. If you are traveling with your soul mate, you will have the most romantic background for the best love pictures ever. Take, for example, Quirimbas Archipelago and the sunset on the beautiful sandy beaches or the serenity of a traditional Dhow boat swaying on the waves of emerald and blue waters. Writing a journal may sound so-last-century, but believe me, you will experience a whole spectrum of emotions and meat a lot of great people in Mozambique, and you will want to memorize them in their purest form, in the very moment when they happened.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags right away and discover the magic of Mozambique. It truly is one of the most beautiful countries of the continent and perhaps even the world. By leaving it out of your travel bucket list, you are depriving yourself of what could be the greatest adventure of your life. Surely you do not want that. Once there, be sure to snap a lot of pictures and create amazing memories, because Mozambique will become a part of your heart, forever.

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The Unique Experience of Backpacking Zanzibar



Africa has always attracted those with adventurous spirit. This wonderful continent has inspired many writers and artists to create magnificent works of art. Yet, even now, after all these years of fascination we seem to know nothing about it. And that ignorance is, at the same time, terrifying us and intriguing us. You should believe the geographer’s George Kimble words, when he says “The scariest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it”. With that in mind, set sail towards the adventure of your life in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries – Tanzania and its most scenic area – Zanzibar. You will fall in love in it instantly, discover many new things and you will not even have to spend a lot of money. Here are some things to know if you decide to take that leap.

Zanzibar Highlights


Well, this one is easy – the entire Zanzibar is one major highlight. Azure waters so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean, tropical white sand beaches, old town trapped in history (Stone Town), colorful markets transmitting the aromas of spices, warm breeze and an astonishing island welcoming everyone to visit regardless of their budget – that is Zanzibar. The first on your backpacker’s route should be precisely Stone Town, and then you can move on to Nungwi (a village at the north-west of Zanzibar, which is a popular destination for backpackers, often called the “party town”), Kendwa (a peaceful village near Nungwi), Prison Island (Changuu Island – the island where slaves were kept before being sent to Middle East or Europe), Pongwe (captivating beach at the east coast). You can finish the tour with Pemba Island (small island next to Zanzibar, widely untouched by tourism).


The Costs in Zanzibar


You can easily make it through the day in Tanzania (excluding safaris and other excursions) with $20-$30 per day. The delicious Tanzanian street foods can cost you about $1 per meal and if you want to eat in a decent restaurant where you can sit and chat you will pay around $2-$5. Depending on the location, the size of the space and other conditions, accommodation in Tanzania for one person costs $4-$10 per night. If you are staying in a house (houses range from $15 – $30 per night) in Tanzania and you do not have all the necessary appliances or similar items, you can basically buy everything from a coffee maker to a stove for a bargain at various websites. Transport is rather cheap and its price is calculated based on hours and not distance – an hour’s ride costs one dollar. Make sure you are not making your schedule based on public transport because buses tend to be late from one to three hours.

Experiencing Zanzibar


You will truly experience Zanzibar when you let go of your restraints and familiarize with local customs, food and people. Because you should respect what you do not understand and because you are a welcome guest you should act like one. It is considered impolite to wear clothes that leave your knees or shoulders uncovered. People of Zanzibar are very friendly and welcoming, and there is no place on the island where you will not hear “Karibu”, which means – “you are welcome here”, upon entrance. Try to talk with the people welcoming you, after some time you will be called “rafiki” which translates to “friend”. It is really heart-warming how the locals accept foreigners and help make their stay easier. You can spend your time in Zanzibar by engaging in a lot of fun activities, such as snorkeling, diving, playing beach volley, etc. You simply must try local culinary wonders, such as biryani (spicy rice with meat or fish curry), octopus curry, mandazi (doughnut), Zanzibar Pizza (nothing like the Italian) and durian (one of the world’s most amazing fruits). Make sure you visit the famous Mercury’s Bar, named after Freddie Mercury, who was born in this country. Mercury’s has a happy hour from 5 to 8 PM so you can even save some money, while watching Freddie Mercury’s photos and enjoying the seaside.

We cannot dispute that all of Africa is amazing, but Zanzibar is truly unique. An old Zanzibar proverb says: “When you play the flute in Zanzibar all of Africa dances”. So pack your bags and put on your dancing shoes.

December 18, 2015 |

How to Travel to Ghana for Cheap

How to Travel to Ghana for Cheap

How to Travel to Ghana for Cheap

No country in the west impressed me as much as Ghana. I traveled there, on my quest to get familiar with several African countries. Ghana was my first stop and it really swept me off my feet. Although it is not expensive by our standards, this country is not on the tourist radar very often, and this is the reason why I decided to write about my experience.

Before you set off

The whole idea of traveling to Africa was completely dismissed and scorned by my friends. They even managed to make me think twice before I made my final decision. However, going to a country that is so different on many levels from your home country forces you to think in a divergent, what-if way. So, if you are planning to follow in my footsteps, first go over these tips for Ghana trips.

Airport impression (and caution)

Travel to Ghana for Cheap1
When I was on my way to Ghana, I had some prejudice. My greatest fear was to get robbed or kidnapped there. So, when I set my foot at the Kotoka International Airport – the largest in Ghana – I was at the same time surprised with its raw looks and amazed by the energy of the people when I left the building and started exploring Accra. An important note upon arrival to avoid getting ripped off: the fastest way to get to the center of Accra is by taking a taxi. The average price of such a taxi ride should be about 35 cedi, which is about $7. Make sure that you choose a vehicle with a taximeter and always ask about the expected price.

Accra – gem of the Gulf of Guinea

With more than 2.2 million people (as of 2012), Accra is a large and powerful city. It is one of the most beautiful African cities, as well. During my stay there, I was surprised to see some monumental landmarks, like Black Star Square or the Black Star Monument. The great thing is that those sites are public monuments and you do not have to pay to see them. The same goes for the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park – a large, free-entrance area, dedicated to the first post-colonial president of Ghana.

I also wanted to learn more about the period when Ghana was the center of slave trade, so I visited the National Museum of Ghana. The admission fee was about $8, but if you manage to form a group, it can be lower.

Ghanaian soul food

Travel to Ghana for Cheap2

Apart from the monuments, I was also awestruck by their food. From the variety of meals that I found unusual, I chose chicken with rice and special spices. I admit, I was afraid to try the traditional local food at first, but later I relaxed and even ate fufu in the street. Do not be afraid to eat in the street in Accra, since many Ghanaian street vendors are undergoing a WHO hygiene program for improving food hygiene and the situation is much better now. Eating in the street will leave more money in your wallet and you will try local specialties. Of course, the Kaneshie market is a must-see place to try them, as well as to get some budget-friendly souvenirs, made by the local people.

Volunteering for cheap accommodation

After a few days in Accra, I realized that my stay in Ghana was going to be very short if I kept sleeping in hotels. It is not easy to find affordable and fine accommodation in Ghana. You can find reasonable prices and offers on reliable sites, like, and I recommend that solution. However, after I tried it, I decided to start volunteering. I went to several non-governmental organizations in Ghana and asked them if they needed an extra hand. Luckily, they offered me to work as an English teacher in a village 50km from Accra. The organization provided accommodation for my teaching period, which helped me save a lot of money. I volunteered for a whole month, but then I felt I had enough of it and that I should to go and see other beauties of Ghana.

Mole National Park

Travel to Ghana for Cheap4

When I got to know the Ghanaian people and their customs, I wanted to take a closer look at the wild animals that can be seen on a safari in Ghana. I decided to go to Mole National Park, one of the biggest in Ghana. The ticket cost 30 cedi, which was about $6 and it was a real bargain. Also, if you are coming by (rented) car, you will pay additional $4.

Make additional savings

My experience in Ghana cannot be shrunk to a piece of writing. The people are beautiful and open-minded, the country is large (about 240,000 square km), but it still lacks better transport infrastructure. So, to avoid the confusion and delays that traveling around Ghana might produce, I used different travel apps throughout my stay in Ghana. They helped me save money and even spared me from getting late for my plane, because the flight time was changed.

If I have a chance, I will go back to the Gold Coast. I still have many places to see and I cannot wait to hang out with my Ghanaians friends again, especially the kids in the school in which I taught.

December 4, 2015 |

7 Awesome Tools to Help You Plan and Manage Your Travels

7 Awesome Tools to Help You Plan and Manage Your Travels

More travelers today want to skip agency costs and start their independent adventure. This way travelers are able to make their own itineraries and feel much more free while wandering around unknown cities and having interesting conversations with people they meet on trains or hostels.

7 Awesome Tools to Help You Plan and Manage Your Travels

The downside is that these trips require better organization and are much more exhausting than pre-paid vacation packages. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps and tools that can help travelers in organizing their independent trips.

This is the most famous travel planning application that contains the largest repository of destination, logging and restaurant reviews, photos, events and information about local culture. It is good for different kinds of trips from weekend getaways to nomad traveling around the world.

Knowing the location you want to travel to is enough to get all possible “get in and out”, transportation, lodging, price and sight seeing information. If you don’t have your dream destination fixed, TripAdvisor can help you with that too, it can compare destinations by price, lodging availability, sights and several other relevant criteria.

7 Awesome Tools to Help You Plan and Manage Your Travels1

Taking a compendium with you when going on a trip is one of the smartest things you can do. These practical folders can pack everything from maps and guidebooks to tickets, passport, USB drives and tablets. Now they are also made on the order, so you can choose everything from leather quality to a wide variety of different pockets and bulks.

Some manufacturers are also making very stylish promotional compendiums, for people who want to express themselves while traveling.

People who travel on business are probably the most common group of travelers you meet on flights. Their trips are usually not as interesting as the ones made by independent travelers, but with good organizational skills and some help from the WorldMate application trip like that can become can become a real adventure, paid by the company.

This application is very business-friendly and it combines all of your itineraries, reservations and travel times with appointments and meetings from your business-schedule. It offers integrations with LinkedIn and other travel apps and your travel info can be pulled into the application with its practical TripCatch service.

7 Awesome Tools to Help You Plan and Manage Your Travels2

Road Atlas
Orientation is one of the most important things while traveling. It doesn’t matter if you are hitchhiking, road tripping or traveling by train, good, detailed and practical road atlas is a definite necessity on an independent trip.

There would be times when you’re not going to be able to catch wi-fi or your smartphone will be out of battery, and you can end up loosing several hours just for finding the right way. Situations like these can spoil your entire vacation. To prevent this from happening you should always carry a lightweight atlas with detailed maps of areas you are planning to visit.

Unlike TripAdvisor this application can’t suggest destinations to travel to and sights to see. Its main purpose is to organize all of your travel technicalities, which include: reservations, transportation tickets, etc.

TripIt does that like a boss and that’s why this app doesn’t need a special introduction. It is one of the most popular tools for organizing your travels and it gives you the opportunity to share your plans with friends and family, so they can organize their schedule is order to see you or pick you up from the airport.

One of the best features that comes with this app is the notification about better seat in the plane, then the one you are trying to book.

The Unusual One
These are not that useful for the organization as much as it’s just cool to have a few.

Personalized stubby coolers. I said it. I own it. I own a few. It keeps your beer cold (which is a must) and it can look awesome when you brand it with a profound message: “Alcohol is never the answer… But it does make you forget the question.”

Regular Guidebook
With the emergence of all those travel applications, people thought that classic paper guidebooks are going to disappear from the market. Lonely Planet, that’s by far the most popular guidebook publisher is still rockin’ and the same goes for Brandt and many other guidebook publishing companies.

These guidebooks are very useful since they provide all the information about the sights, transportation, lodging, clubbing and local eateries, plus some additional info about the local culture, customs, food, music, or anything else that’s characteristic for the destination you choose.

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10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Photo credit: Flickr

Biking can be a very interesting idea for your holiday. Whether biking is the point of your holiday or you are just using bikes as a means of transport, this activity can be very useful and enjoyable. Sometimes traveling by bike will present you the opportunity to see much more than you would if traveling by any other means of transportation.

You can stop whenever you want and just admire the view you are presented. There are many beautiful places in the world that are just perfect for biking. Still, the following 10 places might be the best opportunities for this activity.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Photo credit: Flickr

Fort William, Scotland

Fort William is the destination number one for both locals and visitors. Around 10 km away from the Fort William city center there is a special route, designed especially for this activity. 15 km long “Witch’s trail” is one the most popular routes in Scotland. Forests and rocky sections of this route will leave you breathless.

La Route Verte, Canada

La Route Verte or the Green Route is one of the newest places designed especially for biking. Even though it was finished in 2013, this interesting place is already one of the most popular routes for biking in the world. This 5,000 km long road is settled among Quebec’s most beautiful forests.


 10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

In the Noongar Aboriginal language the name of this fascinating place means “path through the forest”. You will enjoy this 332 km long route among eucalyptus trees and exotic animals such is western gray kangaroo. Of course, for routes like this it is important to have all of the necessary bicycle accessories.

Carretera Austral, Chile

This is one of the South America’s most popular places for biking and camping. 1000 km of unpaved road will give you the opportunity to enjoy some of the Chile’s most fascinating mountains and lakes.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Wawa Dam, Philippines

Wawa Dam is one of the most popular summer spots for the people who live nearby. Besides resorts, this wonderful place offers a biking route of 20 km, but also cottages to rent and experience living in a place like this.

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There is nothing better than biking alongside the sandy coastline. This 1200 km long route is settled between the two biggest cities in Vietnam. Road surfaces vary alongside this route, therefore make sure to have all the necessary biking equipment if undertaking journey like this.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Photo credit: Flickr

Cycle Route 10, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the great place for bike enthusiasts as it is considered to be the most bike-friendly capital in the world. 42 km road leads you between many old buildings, windmills and canals. Roads in this route are designed for bikers and are very enjoyable.

Molesworth Road, New Zealand

This is a very challenging, but definitely worth the effort route in New Zealand. There are the places where you will ride downhill and some places where you might need to push your bike. But this is the charm of this trip and you will enjoy both riding and walking along this 320 km long route.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Photo credit: Flickr

The Karakoram Highway, China-Pakistan

Unpaved roads and mountains covered in snow are some of the charms of this breathtaking route. Alongside this 1200 km long road, you will also be able to come across biker-friendly villages where you can rest and find out more about the local culture.

Route des Grand Crus, France

This 800 km long road offers bikers opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful vineyards in the country. If you enjoy biking and resting with old wine this is definitely the route you should try out.

All of these places are designed in such ways that bikers would enjoy them. If you decide to try any of them, be sure that you will have to stop your bike several times and simply enjoy the view.

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Cheap Ways To Travel Around The World

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Best Western Premier Saratoga Resort Villas

Comments Off on Best Western Premier Saratoga Resort Villas

Best Western Premier Saratoga Resort Villas

is located in Kissimmee’s Maingate East neighborhood, close to Lake Cecile, Capone’s Dinner Show, and Medieval Times Dinner Show. Nearby points of interest also include Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores and Falcon’s Fire Golf Club.

Property Features.
Best Western Premier Saratoga Resort Villas’s restaurant serves breakfast and dinner. A poolside bar and a bar/lounge are open for drinks. Room service is available during limited hours. Recreational amenities include an outdoor pool, a children’s pool, an outdoor tennis court, and a fitness facility. There is a full-service health spa on site. This 3.5-star property has a 24-hour business center and offers small meeting rooms, limo/town car service, and business services. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available in public areas. This Kissimmee property has 3,500 square feet of event space consisting of conference/meeting rooms. Complimentary shuttle services include a theme park shuttle and a shopping center shuttle. Wedding services, concierge services, and tour/ticket assistance are available. Additional property amenities include barbecue grills, an arcade/game room, and gift shops/newsstands. A total renovation of this property was completed in 2012.


150 guestrooms at Best Western Premier Saratoga Resort Villas feature coffee/tea makers and ceiling fans. Balconies offer water views. Beds come with pillowtop mattresses, signature bedding, and Egyptian cotton sheets. These individually furnished rooms include separate living rooms. Kitchens include full-sized refrigerators/freezers, microwaves, and separate dining areas. Bathrooms feature complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Dial-up Internet access is available. Flat-panel televisions are available in guestrooms.

December 13, 2014 |

Hilton Hotel New York


Hilton Hotel New York – Best Hotel Deals Lowest Affordable Rates GuaranteedHilton Hotel Great Deals up to 80% Online Booking Discount

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Discover the astounding ambiance of New York City from the Chic Hilton New York Hotel
Book your enchanting Hilton New York hotel reservations online for Our Best Hotel Rates Guaranteed.

December 13, 2014 |

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas


Looking for a Las Vegas Hotel Deals or Las Vegas Casino?

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Nevada

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas brings you a luxurious and enchanting entertainment resort to satistfy your comforts in lifestyle.

Book Online Your go-getting Paradise experience and get the Lowest Hotel Rates up to 85% discount with Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

Find deals on hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. Save 25% or more. Compare prices, photos, and reviews for Las Vegas hotels here.

December 12, 2014 |

Sheraton Anaheim Hotel | Disneyland Hotel Deals


Find the Great Disneyland Hotel Deals here at Sheraton Anaheim Hotel

Sheraton Disneyland Hotel Deals

Sheraton Anaheim Hotel in the heart of Orange County on 13 acres loacated nextdoor to Disneyland’s California Adventure Park. With lots of wonderful attractions like the Disneyland resort, Downtown Disney, Angels Stadium, Crystal Cathedral, Chapman University, Anaheim Hills Golf Course and the Orange County Fairgrounds and easy access to the Los Angeles International Airport and the John Wayne Airport.

Offering a wide variety of amenities with 489 guestrooms that have refrigerators, coffeemakers with Starbucks coffee, Sheraton Sweet Sleeper beds, minibars, granite-topped vanities, and wireless Internet access. Pets are also welcome.

Plan your family vacation and save with the Sheraton Anaheim’s Family Castle Package. Book a stay in Anaheim from now through December and enjoy this amazing package!

December 12, 2014 |

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino Hotel


Discover the wonders of Curaçao, an island where hidden coves reveal an emerald-blue sea!

Curacao Beach Front Hotels Marriot Beach Resort

Chosen as the Favorite Caribbean Destination for 2012, one of the Top 10 Destinations for 2012 and a 2012 Honeymoon Hot Spot by Condé Nast Traveler, the tiny, yet bustling island of Curaçao has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Caribbean for discerning travelers. A paradise for scuba drivers and nature lovers alike.

  • Onsite dive and water sports center Caribbean Sea sports
  • Dolphin Swim and Encounter
  • Willemstad City highlight tour
  • Animal Encounters Snorkeling
  • Landhuis Chobolobo / Curacao liqueur tasting
  • Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Curacao Sea Aquarium
  • Willemstad: Punda

November 18, 2014 |

Kansas City Hotels – Hilton Garden Inn


Enjoy great room rates and luxurious hotel accommodations at Hilton Garden Inn, Kansas City!

Kansas City Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

Offering hotel guests superior services and a broad range of amenities, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the hotel offers elevator, business center, bar/pub, room service, meeting facilities.

November 17, 2014 |

Best Western Plus Hollywood Hills Hotel


Just 2 miles south of the famous Hollywood Sign, this Los Angeles hotel features an on-site restaurant. Spacious rooms offer free Wi-Fi and a 42-inch flat-screen TV with a DVD player.All warmly decorated rooms at the Best Western PLUS Hollywood Hills include a seating area. A refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker are provided in every room.

October 16, 2014 |

Hilton Grand Vacations Suites Cheap Hotel Deals Near Disneyland


Discover a stunning retreat at Hilton Grand Vacations Suites – Great Hotel Discounts Guaranteed

Hilton Hotels - Pool Area Near Disneyland Hotel Deals

Enjoy your holiday by visiting the magics of Orlando like Walt Disney World®, Universal Orlando®, SeaWorld® Orlando, Aquatica®. Enjoy the tranquility in the heart of Orlando, providing a convenient access to the Orange County Convention Center, Downtown Disney® and only 14 miles from Orlando International Airport.

June 20, 2014 |
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