10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World


10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

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Biking can be a very interesting idea for your holiday. Whether biking is the point of your holiday or you are just using bikes as a means of transport, this activity can be very useful and enjoyable. Sometimes traveling by bike will present you the opportunity to see much more than you would if traveling by any other means of transportation.

You can stop whenever you want and just admire the view you are presented. There are many beautiful places in the world that are just perfect for biking. Still, the following 10 places might be the best opportunities for this activity.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

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Fort William, Scotland

Fort William is the destination number one for both locals and visitors. Around 10 km away from the Fort William city center there is a special route, designed especially for this activity. 15 km long “Witch’s trail” is one the most popular routes in Scotland. Forests and rocky sections of this route will leave you breathless.

La Route Verte, Canada

La Route Verte or the Green Route is one of the newest places designed especially for biking. Even though it was finished in 2013, this interesting place is already one of the most popular routes for biking in the world. This 5,000 km long road is settled among Quebec’s most beautiful forests.


 10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

In the Noongar Aboriginal language the name of this fascinating place means “path through the forest”. You will enjoy this 332 km long route among eucalyptus trees and exotic animals such is western gray kangaroo. Of course, for routes like this it is important to have all of the necessary bicycle accessories.

Carretera Austral, Chile

This is one of the South America’s most popular places for biking and camping. 1000 km of unpaved road will give you the opportunity to enjoy some of the Chile’s most fascinating mountains and lakes.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

Wawa Dam, Philippines

Wawa Dam is one of the most popular summer spots for the people who live nearby. Besides resorts, this wonderful place offers a biking route of 20 km, but also cottages to rent and experience living in a place like this.

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There is nothing better than biking alongside the sandy coastline. This 1200 km long route is settled between the two biggest cities in Vietnam. Road surfaces vary alongside this route, therefore make sure to have all the necessary biking equipment if undertaking journey like this.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

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Cycle Route 10, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the great place for bike enthusiasts as it is considered to be the most bike-friendly capital in the world. 42 km road leads you between many old buildings, windmills and canals. Roads in this route are designed for bikers and are very enjoyable.

Molesworth Road, New Zealand

This is a very challenging, but definitely worth the effort route in New Zealand. There are the places where you will ride downhill and some places where you might need to push your bike. But this is the charm of this trip and you will enjoy both riding and walking along this 320 km long route.

10 Stunning Biking Destinations Around the World

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The Karakoram Highway, China-Pakistan

Unpaved roads and mountains covered in snow are some of the charms of this breathtaking route. Alongside this 1200 km long road, you will also be able to come across biker-friendly villages where you can rest and find out more about the local culture.

Route des Grand Crus, France

This 800 km long road offers bikers opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful vineyards in the country. If you enjoy biking and resting with old wine this is definitely the route you should try out.

All of these places are designed in such ways that bikers would enjoy them. If you decide to try any of them, be sure that you will have to stop your bike several times and simply enjoy the view.

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  1. Cycling in Scotland is a thing I'd love to do one day!

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